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Trial - ECONOMY Nappies

Trial - ECONOMY Nappies

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This kit contains:

Plus 10 x disposable Spunlace nappy liners.

If you would like specific colours please put a note on your order and we will try to accommodate this. Colours shown are just an example of colours available.

Bamboozle and FLIP nappies are made up of a waterproof wrap into which you place absorbent pads. Some of the time, on changing the nappy (ie the pad), you'll find that the wrap remains clean and can be used again. The wrap can sometimes be used 3-4 times before it needs washing,

This means that these nappy systems require only a small number of wraps (the more expensive part) with a larger number of inserts (the cheaper part). This keeps the cost down compared to other nappy systems where the waterproof part and the absorbent part of the nappy are sewn in together.

If considering a full set of these nappies, you'd be needing in the region of 5-6 wraps with 16-20 inserts which, in the case of the FLIP, can be made up of a mixture of standard 'stay-dry' pads and the more absorbent 'organic daytime pads'.

If you need further advice on which trial kit will suit you best just get in touch.


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