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CheekyWipes Mini Kit (for cloth nappy users)

CheekyWipes Mini Kit (for cloth nappy users)

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We no longer hold stock of Cheekywipes products but you can order the wipes and kits through the link below and they will be sent to you directly from Cheekywipes.

Buy your kit direct from CheekyWipes here: Buy CheekyWipes

The Cheeky Wipes mini kit is really intended for existing cloth nappy users who already have a nappy bin and wet bag. Used wipes can simply be dropped into your nappy bucket or wet nappy bag.

  • 25 x washable wipes
  • 1 x Fresh Baby Wipes container
  • 1 x Cheeky Wipes bag (for carrying your wipes when out and about)
  • 1 x 10 ml bottle of Lavender & Chamomile Fresh Baby Wipes Essential Oil Blend

How they work

  • Fill your container with 2cm of water and a few drops of the fresh Wipes essential oil blend. Then pop your lovely soft wipes into the fresh wipes container, and hey presto they’re ready to use!
  • Simply wring out the wipes and use them in place of shop-bought baby wipes.
  • Used wipes can be placed into your standard nappy bucket or wet bag.
  • Wash the wipes along with your nappies or in your standard wash. (Once a week, wash your wipes at 60 degrees to keep them bug free).
  • There’s no need to dry the wipes - just place them back into the container with the solution ready to be used again.

How to use them when out and about

  • Just pop some clean damp wipes in your waterproof MonkeyFoot bag and off you go!
  • Drop your mucky wipes in with your wet nappy bag.
  • Back home, wash the wipes, as usual, with your nappies.

Which Cheeky Wipes fabric is best?

This depends on how well they wipe away poo and how soft they are (and how soft they remain in hard water areas).

Cotton: great for cleaning dirty bots. Reasonably soft but can become a little crusty in hard water areas (a few minutes in a tumble dryer will soften them up) - bear in mind though that when they're damp they will be soft against baby's bum.

Microfibre: best for hands and faces - not great for removing poo! Very soft even in hard water areas.


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