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Different nappy types

There are so many different types of nappy, it can get quite confusing This glossary should help:

Two-part nappies

These consist of an absorbent nappy (providing the absorbency) with a separate waterproof cover or ‘wrap’ (preventing the dampness of the nappy leaking out onto clothes). The nappy element can be a ‘shaped nappy’ or could be a traditional folded terry square. These can be made of bamboo (very absorbent, but slow drying), cotton, organic cotton or fast-drying microfibre.

The waterproof cover is then placed over the top of the nappy. By having two layers to the nappy, the absorbency and containment tend to be very good. They are regarded as being a little more difficult to put on (as you need to ensure that the nappy is completely contained by the cover) but, once you get used to them, they do perform very well. They also tend to be very good as ‘night time’ nappies.

When changing 2-part nappies, the cover often comes off clean so can be used again on the next nappy. You can generally use the cover up to 3-4 times. This means that you won’t need a wrap for every nappy. If you have a set of 16 nappies, you’d probably only need around 4 wraps.

Eg. Shaped nappy: Tots Bots Bamboozle Stretch, Motherease Sandy’s, Little Lamb Bamboo

Wrap: Motherease Airflow

All-in-One Nappies

Here the absorbent part and waterproof part of the nappy are all sewn in together. This makes them incredibly easy to use. Because each nappy contains both elements, they do work out to be more expensive and, as the whole thing needs washing each and every time, they may not last as long as 2-part nappies (so, unless they’re very well looked after, they may only last for one child).

Eg. BumGenius Freetime, BumGenius Elementals

Pocket nappies

These nappies consist of a waterproof outer with an inner fleece (which sits against baby’s skin). Between these layers there is a pocket that can be stuffed with pads to provide the absorbency. Once the nappies have been stuffed they are used much like an all-in-one nappy. The advantage here is that you can adjust the amount of padding you use to allow for a slimmer, but less absorbent, nappy (ideal for a younger baby) or more padding to improve the absorbency for an older child.

Eg. BumGenius V5, Baba & Boo, Charlie Banana

All-in-two nappies

Not to be confused with a ‘two part nappy’, these tend to me made up of a pad which poppers into a waterproof wrap. As the pads are removable, they’re easier to wash and dry. You can also, sometimes, change the pads, using the cover a second time. This makes the system a little cheaper than All-in-one or pocket nappies. Containment is not always so good with these nappies but their easy and cost effectiveness make them very popular.

Eg. Peenut, FLIP, Wizard Duo, Pop-In

For advice on which nappies will suit you best just get in touch.


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