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A friendly, personalised service you can trust

Well it's hard to believe that I've been running Lizzie’s Real Nappies for 20 years now.

It all began as a one-woman cottage business when my girls were very little and, as they've grown and become more independent, so has my business. 

My older daughter used disposable nappies and, although these worked OK for us, we did become concerned about the amount of money we were spending on them and also how our weekly bin had gone from a nice neat size to something monstrous!

We moved to reusable nappies with our second daughter and never looked back.

Things have moved on a lot since then, particularly with the development of easy to use all-in-one nappies such as Motherease, BumGenius, Tots Bots and Baba & Boo.

This is great news, but as more and more nappies have come along it has become more and more confusing for parents trying to find the right nappy brands to suit their baby and their lifestyle. 

That's where Lizzie's Real nappies come in.

In the early days the business was very localised, providing one-to-one advice to parents in the Chester/Cheshire/Wirral/North Wales area. We still offer this service and are very proud of it but, to provide this personalised service to a wider audience, we now offer advice online and by phone.

What we offer

You can contact us either by phone, email or via our personalised questionnaire, however, in each case, the end result will be the same: you will get free, friendly, personalised advice from me, Lizzie. Wherever possible I try to be the one on the end of the phone and the one responding to emails.

Once we've been through a few questions I should be able to establish what you need from the nappies in terms of ease of use, drying requirements, slimness of fit, absorbency etc. This will allow me to significantly narrow things down for you to make your choice of brands much clearer. I then often recommend you buy a few trial nappies and try them out before you go on and buy more. This will give you a proper feel for fit, absorbency, containment, drying times etc. Once you've given the nappies a go you're far more likely to feel confident in your choice of brands.

As a specialist reusable nappy business we're able to offer specialist advice far superior to advice offered on the high street. 

And remember.. when you phone us, in most cases, you'll be talking to me, Lizzie, not just a faceless phone operator! My reusable nappy advice is always free, independent and very friendly!

If you require any advice on reusable nappies get in touch.

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    Federation of Cloth Nappy Retailers

    We are members of the Federation of Cloth Nappy Suppliers. This organisation came about to provide consumers with the confidence that the store that they are buying their cloth nappies from is a genuine UK based retailer that is dedicated to offering the best products with a level of customer service that is second to none.

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