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Washing & Care Instructions for Cloth Nappies

There is, sadly, still the belief that washing real nappies is a major chore. For past generations washing cloth nappies tended to mean soaking in bleach, boiling on the hob and lines of nappies on the line.

Well things have changed! There's no getting away from the fact that reusable nappies need to be washed but it's considerably easier than you might imagine and you will, very quickly, get into a routine. Many of the nappies on our website have laundry instructions detailed on their relevent web pages but here's more general advice on how to look after your nappies. If you have any questions related to the care and laundering of your cloth nappies please contact us.


Reusable nappies should be washed before use to fluff them up and increase their absorbency...

Nappy Change Time

OK, it's time for nappy change. Here's what to do...

Storing nappies

No need to soak. Just store your nappies in a dry, lidded nappy bucket ready to wash...

Washing nappies

No soaking, no boiling. Washing real nappies is easier than you may think...

Drying nappies

Some nappies can be dried naturally on the line or clothes rack. Others need a tumble dryer...
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