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Night Time Absorbency

Absorbency at night time

Although popular nappy brands such as BumGenius Freetime, Tots Bots Easyfit Star, Peenut, FLIP etc are ideal for use during the day, they can struggle for absorbency on older babies once they start sleeping through the night.

It is possible to add boosters to these nappies but, if you start adding too much padding, it will add to the bulk and eventually will draw the leg elastic away from the legs leading to further leakage.

If you are struggling with leaky nappies at night you're better to buy a few specific night time nappies. The best solution to this is to use a highly absorbent nappy in combination with a good quality wrap- a 'two-part nappy'. In some cases you may also need booster pads.

How to get the best night time performance 

STEP 1: use a highly absorbent nappy eg. Tots Bots Bamboozle Stretch, Easy Peasy Bimble, Little Lamb bamboo, Wizard Duo used with the night time insert.

STEP 2: use a quality waterproof wrap eg. Motherease Airfow or Motherease Rikki

STEP 3: some babies may require additional boosters eg. Easy Peasy hemp or Little Lamb triple bamboo boosters. For boys, you can fold the booster to the front of the nappy.

Other tips

  • Always be sure that the nappy and booster are completely contained within the wrap. If the nappy sticks out from the wrap any moisture will leak out.
  • Do not over-boost as this may draw the leg elastic away from the legs.
  • Natural fibres will need pre-washing 4-5 times before they reach their full absorbency (indeed hemp will need washing up to 10 times)
  • Most of these nappies will be slow drying so you may need to use a tumble dryer. The quickest drying of these nappy options is the EasyPeasy Bimble.
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