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Real nappy week 2017

See our Real Nappy Week disounts for 2018 here.

For Real Nappy Week 2017 Lizzie's Real Nappies are concentrating on giving advice to people who are new to cloth nappies.

When you first start looking into reusable nappies it's very easy to feel overwhelmed by all the different options available ('pocket nappies', 'birth to potty nappies', 'newborn nappies, 'all-in-one nappies', 'two-part nappies, not to mention 'liners', 'nippas' and 'boosters'.)

We're here to help you find the nappy-type most suited to the needs of you and your baby.

Once we've narrowed things down for you, we can point you towards a 'trail nappy kit'. We recommend that parents buy trial nappies before making any decisions.
We have a selection of trial nappy kits available on our website but we can also customise a kit for you based on your shortlist. All trial kits are discounted for Real Nappy Week and include some flushable nappy liners to get you started.

Using the nappies on baby will give you a real sense of how the brands compare in terms of fit, absorbency, containment, drying times etc. Helping you determine your favorites. You may like a mixture of brands (maybe some for general daytime use, some easy options for out and about, and some more absorbent nappies for night times). Once you've tried them out for a couple of weeks you'll be in a far better position to know which nappies to go for and can then go on to buy a full kit made up of your favorites (once again these kits can be customised to suit you excat requirements).

So...if you'd like to get some independent, personalised advice on which nappies to go for just get in touch. We're here to help.

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