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Motherease Wizard - Uno and Duo Nappies

What is the difference between a Motherease Wizard Uno and a Motherease Wizard Duo?

OK, we get this question A LOT!

Firstly Motherease is a really strong brand, making excellent nappies which perform well, and last. You're not likely to find that the elastication fails or the waterproofing fails, as you often do with cheaper nappy options

The Motherease 'Wizard' range offers an easy-to-use nappy option which, in the case of the 'Onesize' will fit right through from around 4.5kg (10lbs) through to about 16kg (35lbs). For most babies this will cover a few weeks after birth right up until potty training.

If you want to use the Wizard from birth, they also make teeny weany newborn nappies in both the Newborn Uno and Newborn Duo (although, beware, although they look super-cute on a newborn, they don't fit very long!)

Motherease Wizard ‘Uno’

If you’re after something super easy to use, this is the stand-out option.

These are really popular, reliable, ‘all-in-one’ nappies which are incredibly easy to use as the waterproof part and the absorbent part are permanently sewn together so it’s practically as easy to put on as a disposable.


The ‘stay-dry’ version is the quickest drying (and will be dry against baby’s skin), but you can also get an organic version if this is of interest to you.

Motherease Wizard ‘Duo’

This is a really popular ‘all-in-two’ nappy. Here you have a waterproof cover into which you popper absorbent inserts (rather than being permanently sewn in as with the Uno). Once poppered in, the nappy works in exactly the same way as the Uno - so really easy to use.

The advantage of being able to unpopper the inserts is that, when the nappy is used, you can often replace the insert and use the waterproof part again. You might, therefore, have, say, 6 inserts to every 2 covers. This makes the ‘system’ better value.

The inserts are far superior to standard rectangular pads however - they're an hourglass shape, so fit around the contours of baby's bottom, and they're elasticated around their edges so really minimise any leaks. 

The inserts (all of which are bought separately) are available in a range of options:

  • unbleached cotton
  • quicker-drying ‘stay-dry’ fabric - daytime version
  • quicker-drying ‘stay-dry’ fabric - high absorbency night time version

This allows you to mix and match which inserts you want. People often take mainly the unbleached cotton or stay-dry for use during the day, with a few night time inserts for improved absorbency at night and on long car journeys.

The night time version is only really necessary for older, wetter babies.

The Wizard Duo starter kits are a great place to start.

If you have further questions just get in touch.


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