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Wizard Uno fabrics

Motherease Wizard Uno nappies come in two fabric options: 'stay-dry' and organic cotton.
The Wizard Uno Organic (on the left on the photo) is very absorbent but slower drying. Note that, this is not 100% organic cotton; 18% of the fabric is polyester (this is important in maintaining the shape and longevity of the nappy), however the layer against baby's skin is 100% organic, meeting Global Organic Textile Standards. When wet, this nappy will feel a little damp against baby's skin. This doesn't do baby any harm but if you're put off by the idea, the 'Stay-dry' option may be for you.
The Wizard Uno Stay-dry is a 100% polyester high-tech fabric, exclusive to Motherease, specially knit to quickly wick wetness away from baby's skin. Even if the nappy is sopping wet, the layer against the skin will remain dry. It also has the advantage of being quick drying so ideal for those without a tumble dryer.
If you need any further advice on the Wizard Unos just get in touch.
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