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Easy Peasy Newborn Nappies (Eco Bimble and Newtt)

Easy Peasy Newborn Nappies (Eco Bimble and Newtt)

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Easy Peasy newborn (size 0) nappies fit from approx 7-15lbs, they are very small and neat, and provide an affordable option for the first few weeks after birth.

They're gently elasticated around the back and legs, fastened with a Nappi Nippa (bought separately) and used with a waterproof cover (bought separately) - giving excellent containment.

Eco Bimble: 1 layer of terry towelling on the outside with 1 layer of soft microfleece on the inside (next to baby's botton). Between the two layers you'll find a pouch - this can be 'stuffed' with a booster pad (1 removable pad is included in the price) made up of 2 layers of terry towelling. You can use the nappy without the pad initially for a tiny baby (keeping the nappy really tiny) and then add the pad when more absorbency is required. Once the nappy is outgrown you can use the pad again as a booster pad in larger nappies.

Newtt: this nappy is designed for those wanting to stick with natural fabrics so there is no fleece layer built in. It is simply made up of two layers of terry towelling

** Hand Made and Designed in Oxfordshire **
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