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Eco Bumble by Easy Peasy 20% OFF

Eco Bumble by Easy Peasy 20% OFF
Eco Bumble by Easy Peasy 20% OFF
Product image 1Eco Bumble by Easy Peasy 20% OFF
Product image 2Eco Bumble by Easy Peasy 20% OFF

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If you're looking for a reusable nappy that's great value but easier to use than a terry square, the Eco Bumble may well be the answer.

  • It's elasticated at the legs and waist and so gives a great fit and secure containment.
  • It's really easy to dry.
  • It has a single layer of terry towelling on the outside and a single layer of fleece on the inside (against baby's bottom). Between these layers you'll find a pocket. This pocket can be stuffed with anything you have to hand. Second hand boosters are very easy to come across, or you could use terry squares (folded into a rectangle).
  • The nappy is held in place with a pin or Nappi Nippa (bought seperately) and needs to be used with a separate waterproof cover such as the Motherease Airflow (bought separately). As a guide, you'll need around 1 waterproof cover for every 3-4 nappies.
  • The nappy fits from around 10-35lbs. Fold the nappy in on itself to make it shorter for a smaller baby.
  • For those who know the standard Easy Peasy Bumble, it's cut the same way but the standard Bumble has 2 layers of terry towelling on the outside (the Eco-Bimble has just one) and it comes with it's own 3 layered booster (which poppers into position), while the Eco-Bumbles comes without any inserts. Please note that the Eco-Bimble does not have these poppers.
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