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Tots Bots Bamboozle STRETCH 40% OFF End of Line

Tots Bots Bamboozle STRETCH 40% OFF End of Line
Product image 1Tots Bots Bamboozle STRETCH 40% OFF End of Line
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These are the 2022 version of the Bamboozle and have therefore been reduced in price. The newer 2023 version of the nappy has stretchier waist tabs.

Quick Guide: Tots Bots Bamboozle STRETCH

Our opinion: Bamboozles are lovely absorbent, award winning nappies. Great if you're after natural fabrics. Slow drying so a tumble drier is almost essential. Size 2 can be used from around 10-12lbs, making it practically a birth to potty nappy, but it will be quite chunky in the early months. Ideal for heavy wetters or as a night time nappy due to its high absorbency. As a '2-part nappy' it will need to be used with a waterproof wrap such as the Motherease Airflow.
Drying time: Slow
Absorbency: Very good so great for night times.
Slimness: rasonably slim unless using size 2 on a smaller baby.
Popularity: Popular despite drying issues
Weight range:
  • Size 1: 6-18lbs (newborn)
  • Size 2: 10-35lbs (so practically birth to potty!)
  • Size 3: 35lbs +
Approx Age range:
  • Size 1: birth to approx 6-8 months,
  • Size 2: approx 2-3 months through to potty training
  • Size 3: ideal for larger babies and toddlers
Similar Brands: Little Lamb bamboo
You'll also need: Airflow wrap, Nappy liners,

Size 1: 6-18lbs
Perfect for low birth-weight babies, twins and newborns
Provides maximum containment with minimal bulk

Size 2: 10-35lbs
The perfect (practically) birth to potty nappy (realistically fits from around 12lbs but will be quite bulky at ths point).

Really absorbent and gorgeously soft. This brilliant nappy should last the night no problem, just add an extra booster if your little one is a heavy wetter. It's easy to see why this nappy won Best Reusable Nappy in the Mother & Baby Awards four years in a row.

  • Slim fitting and stretchy giving a fabulous fit every time
  • Fastens just like a disposable
  • Two sizes available: Size 1 for smaller babies like twins and prem (6-18lbs) and Size 2 which fits most from 'birth to potty' (10-35lbs)
  • Stays softer longer- great for hard water areas
  • Adjustable poppers to allow the nappy to grow with your baby
  • Needs to be used with a separate waterproof wrap such as the Tots Bots Peenut wrap or the Motherease Airflow wrap.

Wash Care - Prewash before use. Bamboo takes around 10 prewashes before it reaches full absorbency.

Wash at 40-60 degrees, tumble cool, no bleach, sodium bicarb, vinegar or harsh stain removers.

Drying times - Average 12 -18 hours overnight in warm airing cupboard.

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