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Wizard Duo Inserts

Stay-dry night pad
Wizard Duo Inserts
Wizard Duo Inserts
Wizard Duo Inserts
Wizard Duo Inserts
Wizard Duo Inserts
Wizard Duo Inserts
Product image 1Stay-dry night pad
Product image 2Wizard Duo Inserts
Product image 3Wizard Duo Inserts
Product image 4Wizard Duo Inserts
Product image 5Wizard Duo Inserts
Product image 6Wizard Duo Inserts
Product image 7Wizard Duo Inserts

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Single insert

Wizard Duo inserts are used inside of the Wizard duo wraps. Together they provide a highly effective nappy providing very good absorbency and containment. As the inserts can be removed from the wrap it is possible to change the insert and place a clean insert back into the wrap.

This system is very similar to the FLIP (as you have a wrap into which you can place absorbent pads) but, as the insert is elasticated and actually fits around baby's bottom, the containment is much better.

Here's how it works:

1. Popper the absorbent insert into the waterproof cover.

Wizard duo

2. Place the nappy on baby.

Wizard duo

3. Once soiled, remove Duo insert from the cover and popper in a clean one. This means that you can use the wrap 2-4 times before washing - just changing the inner insert.

Wizard duo how it works

Fabric options

Stay-dry day insert

  • 100% polyester with moisture wicking technology keeps baby comfortable and dry even in a soaking wet nappy!
  • Most durable and longest lasting fabric!
  • Absorbency: 350 – 425 ml
  • Prewash once before first use.

Stay-dry night insert

  • All the same properties as the Stay Dry Insert with a SUPER absorbent core! No absorbent boosters needed – just snap in and change 12+ hours later without any leaks!
  • Absorbency: 425 – 500 ml
  • Prewash once before first use

Bamboo terry insert

  • Velvety soft natural bamboo with special polyester core for added durability and shrinkage control
  • Absorbency: 300 – 350 ml
  • Prewash once before first use.

Unbleached natural cotton

  • 82% cotton, 18% polyester
  • Absorbency 300 - 350ml
  • Prewash once before first use


Available in the following sizes:

  • 'Birth to potty' option (10-35lbs). This grows as baby grows, making it  more economical (as you only need to buy one set of nappies) but it generally won't give such as good fit as the sized options.
  • Small (approx 8 -18 lbs) for parents that find a one-size nappy too big on a newborn baby. NB. The stay-dry inserts are labelled xsmall/small but cover the weight range of the small size.
  • XL (35lbs +) for older children
Duo Insert Size Fits into: Absorbency
Newborn 6-12 lbs XSmall Duo Cover
Small Duo Cover
Natural Cotton - 7.5 oz  (225 ml)
Stay Dry - 10 oz  (300 ml)
**Night Time does not exist in NB size**
Small  8-18 lbs Small Duo Cover
XSmall Duo Cover
One Size Duo Cover
Natural Cotton - 10 oz  (300 ml)
Stay Dry - 12 oz  (350 ml)
Night Time - 14 oz  (415 ml)
One Size 10-35 lbs

One Size Duo Cover
Small Duo Cover

Natural Cotton - 11.5 oz  (340 ml)
Stay Dry - 15 oz  (425 ml)
Night Time - 17 oz  (500 ml)

XLarge  35-45 lbs XLg Duo Cover

Natural Cotton - 12.5 oz (375 ml)
Stay Dry -  15.5 oz (450 ml)
Night Time -  17.5 oz (525 ml)

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