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£70 Real Nappies for London Trial Kit - Motherease nappies

£70 Real Nappies for London Trial Kit - Motherease nappies

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This kit has been put together for those people wanting to try a range of easy-to-use, birth to potty 'Wizard' nappies by Motherease. The kit is made up of a mix of Motherease Wizard Unos and Motherease Wizard Duo nappies - both excellent, reliable, birth to potty nappies.

The following nappies will all fit from around 10-35lbs (4.5-16kg) so may be a little loose fitting on newborns. If you get any leakage, wait until baby has put a little weight on and try again.

This discounted kit is £70 so is ideal for those wanting to use their £70 Real Nappies for London scheme voucher and want to keep things nice and easy. If you'd prefer to choose your own nappies that's absolutely fine too.

The kit includes:

*Once the inserts are poppered into the wrap, these nappy will work in the same way as the Uno. The advantage of being able to unpopper the inserts is that, if the wrap remains clean, you can just change the insert, using the wraps again. This makes the system cheaper than buying a full set of Uno nappies, where the whole nappy needs washing every time.

Colours shown on images are just an example of colours available. If you would like specific colours please put a note on your order and we will try to accommodate this. 


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