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Little Lamb bamboo nappy liners (100)

Little Lamb bamboo nappy liners (100)
Little Lamb bamboo nappy liners (100)
Product image 1Little Lamb bamboo nappy liners (100)
Product image 2Little Lamb bamboo nappy liners (100)

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Little Lamb disposable nappy liners make nappy changes easier; they let any liquid soak through into the nappy, but catch the poo, so when it comes to nappy changing you can pick up the liner and dispose of the whole thing (poo included, if necessary) into the bin.

Roll of 100

Dimensions: 18 x 30cm

Super-soft bamboo PLA provides the ultimate comfort for a baby's bottom. 

An Environmentally Sustainable Alternative: The huge benefit of PLA as a bamboo-derived bioplastic is that it naturally degrades when exposed to the environment. PLA liners will take between two and twelve months to degrade fully in a landfill situation. 

How to use: place the liner on top of the nappy, next to the baby's bottom. After using, drop the poo into the toilet and 'bag and bin' the liner. Do not flush the liner down the toilet! Fits all types of reusable nappies.

Disposable liners are ideal when out and about for convenience but when you're at home, consider using a more sustainable washable fleece liners which you can wash and reuse time and again.

These generously sized disposable liners can be cut in two for smaller babies but please do not fold liners or use multiple sheets as this will prevent quick absorption by the cloth nappy. 

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