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Getting started with newborn nappies

Most parents choose to wait a few weeks after birth before using real nappies. This gives them time to get used to little one, but it also means that they can use dispoables initially and then go straight into ‘birth to potty’ nappies (which tend not to fit well until around 10-12lbs). Some parents, however, are keen to use real nappies straight from birth. This tends to be the case with parents wanting to completely avoid disposables, but it’s also common with parents who are having their second (or more) baby and have confidence from using real nappies with their first. There are a range of newborn options available.

The cheapest, and often most effective, option is to use 70 x 70cm muslin squares  (with Nappi Nippas- the modern version of a nappy pin - and a waterproof cover). These are ideal in the very early weeks when baby is tiny and doesn’t need a huge amount of absorbency. Bear in mind that the muslins have a huge number of uses so won’t be discarded once baby grows out of them!! They come in simple whites or funky brights.

If you’re put off by the folding and want an easier option, the Motherease Sandy (xs or small) and Easy Peasy Bimble (size 0 or 1) are great newborn options. They have elastication around the legs and waist giving excellent containment. As with the muslins you use them with a separate waterproof cover such as the Motherease Airflow.

If, however, you’re after super-easy options (and are prepared to sacrifice the excellent containment of the 2-part nappies mentioned above), there are a range of ‘all-in-one-style’ options. Here the absorbent part and the waterproof part are sewn together so they’re incredibly easy to use. The tiny Tots Bots Teenyfit will fit from around 5-12lbs, while the Little Lovebum Newbie and the Baba&Boo Newborn will fit up to around 15lbs and 18lbs respectively.

If you fancy trying out the different all-in-one styles, take a look at our Newborn Trial Kit.

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