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Let's Talk Wetbags!

OK, anyone searching for wetbags could be a little overwhelmed by the options. With so many brands, sizes, prices, how do you choose?

Well, we’ve tried to simplify things on our website by categorising bags, not only according to brand, but also according to size. Categories include xs/small, medium, large and XL.

  • xs/small are great for wipes, make-up, snacks or a few nappies
  • medium hold around 4-6 reusable nappies
  • large hold around 6-8 nappies, a change of clothes, swim kit etc. Ideal for days out.
  • XL  hold around 12-15 nappies so great for holidays, weekends away etc. They’re also ideal in place of a nappy bucket if storage space is tight.

Bear in mind that some of the wet bags are ‘doubles’. This means that the bags have 2 compartments – so, for example, one compartment for clean nappies, the other for used; one for wet clothing, the other for dry. This feature can be pretty handy. Just be aware that not all bags have 2 waterproof sections - in some, only one pocket is waterproof!

A poppered handle on the bag is another useful feature, allowing the bag hang from the side of a pram, change table etc.

In terms of quality, we have always found Monkey Foot and Planetwise to be the best, but the Baba & Boo bags are great value. The ‘Pods’ by Little Lovebum are the new kids on the block but the ‘cubic’ nature of them makes them very easy to keep you nappies in place, and easy to get to.

Bear in mind that these wet bags are generally not 'waterproof' so, although they are fine to store 'damp' things, they won't work with sopping 'wet' things. It's always worth wringing things out before putting in the bag! Also, the zips tend to be the weak spot so always carry the bag with the zip facing upwards so the wetness doesn't drain through the zip. Planetwise are the only bags with a waterproof seem-sealed interior and water-resistant zip.

If you've come across any other wetbags that you just love, let us know x

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