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Reusable Nappies At Night

We find that parents often worry about using cloth at night for the first time.

The first thing to say is that, as a rule, newborns won’t need specific night-time nappies. They simply don’t wee enough at this stage to require extra absorbency, so you’ll find that your daytime nappies will probably be fine for night times too. As they get a little older, and as they start sleeping through the night (yeah!!), you’ll start to see that you’ll need extra absorbency. This can be solved, in the short term at least, by adding in a booster pad but later again, you may find that you need specific night-time nappies. These will be more absorbent but bulkier.

Night-time nappy options:

If you need additional absorbency in these you could add booster pads such as:

The nappies mentioned above will all need to be used with a waterproof cover over the top (all except the Motherease Wizard Duo). We tend to recommend the Motherease Airflow wraps. Always make sure that the wraps are well fitting – you need to ensure that the elastication at the legs and waist is snug against the skin. If you ‘over-stuff’ the nappy, by adding too many booster pads, you can find that it draws the elastication away at the legs, allowing for leakage.

And the next stage on…..

Once baby gets older you may find yourself in the position where they’re out of nappies during the day, but they need something for night times. At this stage, little ones often want something more grown up, more like pants, but you still need the absorbency of a proper night nappy (they tend to wee a lot at this stage). There are a couple of options here, but you need to bear in mind that they are quite bulky, in order to hold a night-time of weeing, and, because they’re ‘pull-ups’ they don’t have any poppers or velcro to adjust the sizing. This means that if baby isn’t an ‘average’ size you may struggle to get a good fit. They can be too loose (leading to leakage) or too tight (and uncomfortable). We recommend trying these on over a pair of pants to see how well they fit before first use.

Options include:

For further advice on night-time nappies just get in touch.

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