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Reusable Nappies on a Budget

With the economy the way it is right now, with souring fuel and food prices, many people are finding that, although environmental concerns are important to them, controlling household budgets takes precedence over saving the planet. 

Reusable nappies will save you money long term compared to disposables but, as you need to buy everything upfront, it can feel like a lot of money to spend in one go when budgets are tight.

You do not necessarily need to spend a huge amount of money on reusable nappies however. While a set of top-of-the-range nappies can cost in he region of £300, there are cheaper options available. Personally I am not a fan of 'cheapies' (cheap copies of better brands) which appear to be fine initially but simply don't last, however, you can still spend less and get good performance.

Take a look at our page on 'Economy Nappies';

  • If you're after easy to use pocket nappies, Little Lamb is a good option as the absorbent part and waterproof part of the nappy are sewn together (you could also take a look at Baba & Boo which is more of a mid-priced nappy).
  • If you're after a really well performing nappy and aren't too concerned by a little bulk, Easypeasy Nappies * are a great option. They're slightly more fiddly to put on but you soon get used to them, and they provide excellent absorbency and containment. They have a really good following. 
  • The most economical option is the traditional terry square * or, for newborns, the slimmer, less absorbent muslin square *. These are often seen as being old fashioned but are becoming increasingly popular again due to their value for money and flexibility of use. They can be folded in a whole host of ways to allow for the most effective fit and once baby has outgrown them you'll find that they have a variety of household uses.

* These nappies need to be used with a pin or Nappi Nippa as well as a waterproof wrap (nappy cover). When using a waterproof wrap we always recommend you go for a really reliable brand such as Motherease Airflow. These can be a little more expensive than other brands but they're worth it!!

Here are a few other ways to help you budget:

  1. Spread the cost - just buy a few nappies at a time until you have what you need. Many people start this way. It'll also allow you to focus in on which are your favourite brands and buy more of those. 
  2. Discontinued prints - nappy designs (ie. colours) change quite regularly but the quality, fit and absorbency of the nappy stays the same. As long as you're not desperate to buy the most up-to-date colours, you can often grab a bargain by going for last years prints.
  3. Once you've chosen your preferred brands (or combination of brands) you can save money by buying in bulk or buying starter kits.
  4. If family and friends want to buy gifts for your baby consider asking them for real nappies or gift vouchers.
  5. Some local councils offer reusable nappy incentive schemes where they offer either free nappies, vouchers or cashback. It's worth contacting your council to see if this is something they offer (and if they don't - ask why!!)
  6. Pre-loved nappies - if you're happy to use second-hand nappies you can get some bargains by looking at pre-loved sites, nappy libraries etc. We also have our own pre-loved and ex-demo page.
  7. Sell them on - as long as you've gone for good quality brands, you should be able to sell your nappies on second hand once you've finished with them.

As we preach again and again - the biggest cost with real nappies would be to spend money on brands that won't suit you. Get some advice and then you're much more likely to get it right first time.



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