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Do I need to prewash my nappies?

All new reusable nappies should be washed before use to increase their absorbency.

Like new towels, new nappies need to be washed through a few times to fluff them up and improve their absorbency. If baby wets in a brand new nappy the wetness will simply run off the surface rather than soaking in.

A nappy made of natural fibres (bamboo, cotton, terry towelling) will reach its maximum absorbency after about 5-6 washes, hemp may take 6-8 washes. Nappies made of man-made fabrics (micro-fibre, micro-fleece) can be washed just once or twice before first use.

There is no need to dry the nappies between washes.

Wash deep coloured nappies and white nappies separately for the first 1-2 washes to avoid colour run.

Waterproof wraps do not require any pre-washing.

Please bear in mind that nappies cannot be returned once they have been washed.

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