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Nappy Change Time

What do I do with soiled nappies?

OK, it's time for a nappy change. Here's what to do.

Most people will have used a nappy liner to protect the nappy from the worst of the soiling.

If you are using disposable liners in your nappies you can remove the liner and the poo, as one, and flush them down the toilet (only flush one at a time). In order to minimise the number of liners being flushed into the sewers we recommend that wet-only liners are placed in the bin rather than flushed. Wet-only liners can also be rinsed through and used again, or composted.

To minimise the number of liners being flushed down the toilet people often use a washable nappy liner. These may not be the easiest option for real nappy newbies but many people switch over to them at a later date when they're more confident with their nappies. Here, you hold the thin, fleece liner over the toilet and the majority of the poo will fall off into the toilet. More stubborn soiling can be removed by sluicing the liner in the toilet. Washable nappy liners should be placed in the nappy bucket with the nappies ready for the next wash. Due to the watery consistency of newborn baby poo (especially with breastfed babies) the liners can be washed without removing the poo first - the poo will wash out easily during the wash cycle.

The nappy is now ready to be stored in a nappy bucket or waterproof bag ready for the next wash.

See 'Storing' for advice on what to do next...

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