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Storing nappies

How do I store dirty nappies?

Dirty nappies will need to be stored in either a lidded nappy bucket (or in a waterproof nappy bag) ready for the next wash.

You'll generally need to wash every 2-3 days but this will depend on how many nappies you are going through each day. If you have a newborn, using reusable nappies full time, you will probably need to wash around every day and a half. As baby gets older you won't need to change nappies so frequently and so you'll probably only need to wash once every 3 days.

Nowadays there is no need to soak your nappies; just place them in the bucket or bag and store them there, dry, until you're ready to wash. If you're using a bucket, a mesh bag will be a great help when transferring the nappies to the washing machine.

Nappy bucket with mesh bag

If you are using pocket nappies, you may need to pull out the insert of the nappy before it goes into the washing machine as not all cycles will agitate the inserts enough to cause them to come out on their own. It also helps to not over-fill your machine.

Nappies with velcro should have 'fold-back tabs' - these prevent the velcro from sticking to other things in the wash.

See 'washing your nappies' to see advice on what to do next...

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