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Easy Peasy Bimble & Bumble (birth-potty version)

Easy Peasy Bimble & Bumble (birth-potty version)

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Please note that the Bimble is very similar to the Bumble but is ever-so-slightly slimmer fitting.The two nappies are made from the same fabric and the same pattern (giving the same fit and absorbency) but the Bimble is sewn slightly differently making the seems neater and thus a little slimmer.

Our opinion: Great value birth to potty nappy. The Bimble/Bumble are bulky on newborns. Fantastic in terms of containment - very few leaks! Great as night time nappies. Fitted with a Nappi Nippa for a really good fit. If you’re not too concerned by bulk, this is a fabulous nappy. Needs a separate waterproof wrap. NB. They come as standard with a fleece layer against baby's skin; it is, however, also available without the fleece for those wanting a more natural fabric - these can be ordered.
Drying time: Quite easy to dry (but it helps to have a tumble dryer as back-up).
Absorbency: Very good
Slimness: Bulky, especially on newborns
Popularity: Popular (especially at night)
Weight range: 10-35lbs
Approx Age range: Birth through to potty training - but very bulky on babies under 10-12lbs.
For newborns try the Bimble size 1  (birth to 20lbs)
Similar Brands: Slower drying Tots Bots Stretch
You’ll also need: Waterproof wrap, Nappi Nippas,


NB. This nappy requires a Nappi Nippa to fasten it and a separate waterproof wrap. We'd recommend the Motherease Airflow wrap. You'll need around 1 wrap to every 3-4 nappies. When changing the nappy, the waterproof wrap often comes off clean so can be used again for a few more nappies (wash the wrap if it has poo on it or when it becomes a bit smelly!)

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